Western Imperialism Influence on African Traditions

 Western Imperialism Influence in African Traditions Essay

Alex Benson

Dr . Yixin Chen

HST 104-001

your five February 2013

Impact of Western Imperialism on the African Community

Traditional western imperialism, though it has their good qualities, essentially led to the breakdown and ending of the African community. Their faith, new language, and political understanding and electrical power make it impossible intended for both areas to are present together.

One of the most apparent type of cultural imperialism from the Western in Things Fall Apart are definitely the differences in what the law states making systems of the small town and the european missionaries. In chapter several, Okonkwo surpasses his better half during the week of peacefulness for giving the shelter to get her frizzy hair braided with out cooking evening meal first. The priest of the clan instructions him to get a she-goat, a chicken, a length of cloth and a hundred cowries to the shrine for damaging the week of peace. What Okonkwo would was too bad in the eye of the clergyman because they believe that the week of serenity will bring these people good fortune in the earth goddess. In phase twenty, Okonkwo gets his first glimpse of the group after his seven a lot of exile. We learn of the modern Judicial system that is out there in Umuofia. There is a Area Commissioner whom judges cases in lack of knowledge that his messengers bring to him. The Umuofian persons hate this technique and in turn gold coin offensive names for the messengers. Even though an established legislation making method is needed in just about any society, the influence from the West on Umuofia was not a good one. The religiously primarily based judicial program that persisted before the missionaries arrived was completely sufficient for the community. The residents lived below it and accepted it without struggling over it. When the Christians arrived the people from the village wrap up hating the system and all that stands for for the reason that way they will judge instances is not fair. The missionaries do not understand the village to a point in which they can easily effectively judge its residents for criminal offenses they determined.

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