Applying Material from your Items and Elsewhere, Evaluate Sociological Explanations for Inequalities Between Husbands and Wives

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Employing material from the Items and elsewhere, assess sociological details for inequalities between partners and wives (24 marks)

It is quite apparent that there are inequalities between husbands and wives, such as the division of domestic work. However the inequalities do not only include housework and childcare, but as well emotion work, domestic assault and decision making. Some sociologists would believe the inequalities between couple are beneficial for society.

Firstly, feminists propose that there are inequalities between hubby and wives, this is obvious through the household division of work. Feminists might blame fundamental patriarchy for the inequalities between spouse and girlfriends or wives. The domestic division of time consists of men working and ladies staying at home to consider responsibility of household labour, such as childcare and washing. Women take more of a position as the domestic worker, as found by the survey in Item A, even if they are operating full-time. Men have more power since they are the primary breadwinner; Radical feminists would believe this establishment benefits men more than women. They would believe men at times abuse this power, as an example through domestic violence if perhaps women usually do not accept the patriarchal purchase (Item C). Men earn the money and this takes power away from ladies, this may be evidence to for what reason women undergo more household violence than men (Mirrlees-Black, 1999). One more example of this may be that only incredibly recently it has become illegal for a husband to rape his wife (1991).

Feminists claim that domestic assault is a issue of patriarchy. In particular, research indicates that men's watch that women include failed to become 'good' associates or mothers is often accustomed to justify episodes or dangers. These gendered expectations could possibly be particularly sturdy is a woman goes out to work and earns a lot more than her partner. Many kids and guys are still raised in traditional ways to think that they should...

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