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The Seventh Seal

In the 1957 Swedish film The 7th Seal described by Ingmar Bergman, a knight results home following years of warfare in the Crusades, only to find his home ridden with problem. He then finds Death awaiting him, and buys time with a mentally stimulating games game to view his partner and to identify answers, declining to perish until he felt full.

He begins his search as a great agnostic, questioning and asking and eager to find out whether some sort of higher power is present. He longiligne for a straightforward yes or any answer and his shaky insistent faith is actually clashes with Jof, with his simple and having faith in faith. In th landscape where Death disguises himself as a priest, the exchange shows Block's need for a answer, a clear statement that would satisfy him so that he could keep the world in closure. " Block: I want knowledge. Not belief. Not surmise. But knowledge. I want God to place out His hand, present His face, speak to myself. Death: Yet He is muted.

Block: My spouse and i cry to Him in the dark, but there will be no one there. Fatality: Perhaps there is absolutely no one right now there.

Block: After that life is a senseless dread. No man can experience Death and know that everything is absolutely nothing. Priest/Death: Many people think not of Death nor nothingness. Block: Right up until they stand on the advantage of your life and see the Darkness. Priest/Death: Ah, that day.

Prevent: [laughs bitterly] I see. We must make an idol of our fear, and call that God. ” Block, in whose insistence after answers inhibits him from taking a start of faith in God, likewise lives in the denial that there is no bigger being. This individual refuses to believe that it, intended for the idea of such an empty, fated world is one that scares him. Antonius Block ultimately realizes this when he comes across the witch burning with the stake and tries to get in touch with the devil through her. Through the emptiness and terror in her eyes he finds out that there is indeed nothing towards the end but a silence, an empty ending. Jons, the harsh realist, explains this to Block below: " Jöns: Look at her eyes. Her poor...

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