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I are study from the 7 p's of TAMPILAN MAHINDRA TRADITIONAL BANK in linked to marketing study. I as well study in details a few p's of service advertising like people, process, & physical facts etc .

1) People

2) Process

3) Physical data

4) Item

5) Cost

6) Place

7) Advertising

1) PEOPLE: -- In the people in the services mix in service organization will be people assented organization and people based firm. Employees from the service company constitute difficulties competency inside the understanding organization operation. Every employees in the service business is advertising person who undertakes either regular or part-time marketing activity whether a staff is involve with immediate contacts or perhaps not, having been placed on the line of visibility his habit, activities, & performance may have direct impact on buyer service. Staff are to be qualified and determined for better performance in marketing activities. In related to KOTAK MAHINDRA LENDER I can say that our vision is pleasure level of customer & additional values provided by BANK.


Operating marketing there are three types of process. That is Range operation, Work shop operation, & irregular operation. Process is the activity that ensures service top quality & availability. The way the physical setting designed technique and exactly how the capabilities scheduled & routed to provide premised in order to customer productivity process. Simply the administration of procedure is to take care of the service encounters. The challenges of the process supervision are to increase the moment of truth.


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