Red Lumination Cameras

* Reddish colored light digital cameras cause more traffic accidents.

Virtually all studies and reports done on crimson light cameras have shown an increase in crashes. The results demonstrate an average of a 27% increase in crashes and a 21% increase in injury crashes following red mild cameras during installation. These are brought on by drivers needing to slam issues brakes because of the known presence of the system at an area. * Crimson Light Cameras are used generally for earnings.

Most towns use these kinds of systems to fund large servings of their budgets for example; Harrisburg, Texas is actually facing a $12 million finances shortfall after citizens dicated to remove the city's red mild cameras. There are even several residential areas like Chicago, il, Chattanooga, Based in dallas and Nashville that have lowered yellow lumination times below the Federal Highway Administration minimum of 3 just a few seconds in order to obtain higher reddish light violations at all their red mild camera intersections. Red light camera companies often promote on their websites about the millions in revenues that cities have got collected by simply installing crimson light camera systems. * Not enough data was gathered to prove the cams efficiency. seventy to 80% of crimson light runners go through reddish colored lights within the first second after the mild turns reddish colored. Studies in Texas, Washington dc, Pennsylvania and Virginia present significant reddish light infringement drops following extending the yellow sign time in intersections. Also, camera manufactures claim that existing systems functioning can include from 4 to forty percent false benefits daily, being innocent drivers millions of dollars yearly.


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