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Like most organisations, Pep stores was worried about the long term sustainability in the organisation, profits/financial performance, marketplace performance and the satisfying the stakeholders, including the shareholders. With these elements often contradicting each other it can be clear Verve stores struggled through the 1990's balance these competing makes in other to obtain their organisational objectives. The truth study of Pep Retailers therefore presents a number of paradoxes. As a business seeking competitive advantage, it really is evident that the organisation is continually battling to expand particular factors that are apparently incompatible with one another. The corporation itself is usually apparently powerful in handling emergent transform, having found itself in a situation of weak financial performance and eventually being successful in using the organisation back to into revenue. Various paradoxical issues and a series of inter-dependent choices are at play because the management of Verve Stores hunt for the successful strategic placement (De Wit and Meyer, 2004). Pep Stores have difficulty along the way to balance the competitive mother nature of approach and it is apparent that they emerge from very uncertain conditions a changed enterprise in many ways. The situation study appears to suggest that Pep Stores was originally unaware of the rivalling nature of strategy and focussed intensely on progress, ignoring elements. However it is achievable that intended for Pep Stores to come up with a distinct strategy due to changes in the internal and external environment, then it need to have been aware of these types of factors, well balanced it and deliberately took its ideal position. The organisation was however would not anticipate the change that was to come, perhaps mainly because strategy creates fear and paradoxes (de Wit and Meyer, 2004), which can be difficult to reconcile, causing Pep Retailers to loose its tactical focus in a point.


In the early years, Pep Shops focussed strongly on growth whilst keeping its operating costs low. However , by the 1990's because the wind of change blew across S. africa, bringing in a wave of social and political uncertainty, Pep identified itself having to respond to these types of changes simply by re-evaluating the operations to generate its profitability. The company was firmly aware about the social paradox natural in the situation and responded by simply combining a tough and very soft approach to apply strategy. Beneath the leadership of Labuschaige, whose approach to strategy implementation was softer, directing on the people side from the organisation, Pep Stores a new corporate efficiency culture (‘Sikhula KunYe') with set boundaries that even now allowed for several creativity. For example , through the decentralisation of a lot of decision making techniques, encouragement of personal initiative, direct communication to staff around all amounts and schooling, Labuschaige was able to change the structure of Verve Stores, stimulate staff and instil a culture of learning and performance. This can be viewed as a contradiction, given that Pep stores purports to be a cost leader. In respect to Hitt et approach. (pp101, 2004), the organisational structure of any cost management firm needs to have a high degree of centralisation. This clearly does not apply with Verve Stores under Labuschaige's supervision. Trompenaars and Hamden-Turner (2002) suggest that the cultural paradigm is becoming more and more acceptable and it is a business drivers and indeed Verve Stores recognises and sees organisational traditions as a important business new driver and permits the individual and collective cultures to shape the organisation.


A key accomplishment criterion in Pep stores' journey through strategy development is the realization of the need to address tactical issues at the beginning. Johnson ainsi que al. (2008) suggest that approach...

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