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Andrzej Palczewski Company of Used Mathematics Warsaw University June 29, 2008



The construction of the greatest combination of expenditure instruments (investment portfolio) is a principal goal of expenditure policy. This really is an optimization trouble: select the greatest portfolio via all admissible portfolios. To approach this issue we have to choose the selection requirements first. The seminal newspaper of Markowitz [8] opened up a new time in profile optimization. The paper developed the investment decision problem as being a risk-return tradeoff. In its first formulation it was, in fact , a mean-variance optimization with the imply as a measure of return plus the variance like a measure of risk. To solve this challenge the circulation of random returns of risky possessions must be known. In the normal Markowitz formula returns of these risky resources are believed to be allocated according into a multidimensional usual distribution D (µ, Σ), where µ is the vector of means and Σ is the covariance matrix. The perfect solution is of the optimization problem is then simply carried on beneath implicit assumption that we understand both µ and Σ. In fact this is not true plus the calculation of µ and Σ is an important part of the remedy.

of marketplace observations (so called special facts) shows that returns deviate from the my spouse and i. i. d. assumptions. Additionally , normal circulation seems to be a really coarse approximation of true returns (in a number of new papers it is extremely the tStudent distribution which usually fits preferable to reality). The error because market comes back are not normal and deviate form i. i. deb. assumption is called model risk (or style error). An additional source of problems in calculating µ and Σ comes from the finiteness of the sample. This kind of mistake (called appraisal error or perhaps estimation risk) is particularly essential in practical calculations where sample features a limited size. The effect of the estimation error towards the portfolio issue has been researched since 1980's (see Merton [9], Jobson and Korkie [6], Michaud [10], Chopra and Ziemba [3]). Particularly the judgment of Michaud, who referred to as portfolio optimizers – mistake maximizers, implies practical difficulties in applying Markowitz approach. All the above stated papers and a number of new publications highlight that the primary source of errors in portfolio optimization may be the inaccurate estimation of anticipated value µ of long term returns. Merton claimed that to obtain a affordable estimate from the mean we really need about 100 years of month-to-month data. DeMiguel, Garlappi and Uppal [4] estimated that for a stock portfolio of 50 assets 600 several weeks (50 years) of data is required.

Due to the paradigm of Markowitz µ and Σ should be the moments of the distribution of future earnings from high-risk assets. Industry provides only the information about ancient (past) earnings. This means that we need to predict the moments of future returns applying past returns, In what uses we shall identify methods which is often justified as long as the time series of market earnings is a conclusion of an i actually. i. g. se- designed to use a reasonable pair of market info and quence of unique variables. Actually a number develop ”good” ideal portfolios, i. e. portfo-

lios very well diversified and with property shares stable with respect to evaluation errors. All of us restrict our analysis towards the elliptic allocation which are completely characterized by their very own first two moments (mean and covariance). The normal circulation and t-Student distribution are examples of elliptic distributions. Consequently the class is definitely sufficiently abundant for functional purposes.

wherever q is the vector of portfolios' earnings and ε in the conjecture error with the distribution In (0, Ω). Investor's landscapes play a role of the observation in Bayesian statistics. The posterior distribution of µ, provided the predictions, is normal and has the mean given by the next formula: µeq + ΣP T (Ω/τ + S ΣP To )−1 (q − S µeq ). (1)

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