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Healing Medical center: A Daring Paradigm

Linda Ellsworth

Grand Canyon School

Foundations of Spirituality in Health Care/HLT310v

October you, 2014

Healing Hospital: A Daring Paradigm

The word " healing” originates from an Anglo-Saxon word Haelen, which means for making whole (Zborowsky, 2008). Healing hospitals make an effort to promote harmony of the nature, body, and mind. These environments assistance to reduce patients' anxiety and stress in effort to assist the body heal itself. Florencia Nightingale talked of this once she chatted of the significance of natural light, oxygen and quiet for treatment. These rules are not new but had been forgotten in mainstream american medicine. Spirituality has made a comeback in contemporary medicine and healing hospitals are a great example of the return of treating the complete person. This kind of paper will discuss the components of healing hospitals and their relationship to spirituality and describe the challenges in creating healing environments in hospitals. Aspects of Healing Clinics

Baptist Clinic in Nashville, Tennessee started a program called " significant loving care” which modified the culture of proper care in their service (Grand Gosier University, 2014). This program contained several parts to address healing, which include: improvement of technology, physical style features, and the culture of care. Initial, technology was updated to create access intended for physcians easier, separate lifts for patient transport were installed, plus the patient areas had state-of-art entertainment systems installed (Grand Canyon School, 2014). Second, physical structures were designed to promote comfortableness and decrease the tension level to get patients (Grand Canyon University, 2014). Finally, a tradition of treatment was established. The writer of this paper worked in Mercy Gilbert Medical in Gilbert Illinois where that they employ the radical adoring care style. This medical center was named the best near your vicinity in 2008's list of the Top Ten Healing Hospitals by...

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