Netherlands and European Union

 Netherlands and European Union Composition

‘The Netherlands and the Western Union'

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History of the European Union

Nowadays europe contains 27 members which is created like a political and economic community throughout Europe. There were several reasons to begin to work together, however it took a reasonable time till the ultimate form and name.

Following WWII in the late 1940s the key players on the globe decided a situation like the war, must not happen again and they should certainly find a way to exclude the change of any war. The countries: Italy, United Kingdom, Indonesia, Belgium, Luxembourg, Italy and the Netherlands were unified and founded in 1952 the European Coal and Metal Community. Today these countries are still viewed as the founding fathers of the ‘European Union'

In 1957 was your next step in how to the Eu. The Frosty War, protest and conflicts between western and Eastern Europe Eu at begin 1952

showed the need further Unification. The results of the negotiations was the European Economic community, clearified in the treaty or The italian capital. Within the countries of the community was free of charge travelling possible for people and products. Over time more and more countries entered the European Economic Community.

Eventually of the eighties Europe was almost specific, the single Western Act was signed in 1987, to create one single market for all the transact. With the malfunction of the Berlin Wall in 1989 the last border between east and west was gone, and they began to create a united The european union.

European Union in 1992

The final shape of the European Union

With the interconnection between the countries was it does not only much easier to trade together, also the citizens a new lot more discussion, they experienced more connected and feel more responsible for the bigger concerns. Issues just like environment and security became hot. Another advantage was that people can travel through a lot of countries.

The term ‘European Union' was founded inside the treaty of Maastricht in 1992, which treaty was put into action in 1993. At the time the European Union is made up of 12 countries.

The Treaty of Maastricht identified five goals designed to unify The european countries in more ways than just monetarily. The desired goals are:

1) To strengthen the democratic governing of taking part nations. 2) To improve the efficiency from the nations.

3) To establish a fiscal and financial unification.

4) To develop the " Community social aspect. "

5) To establish a security policy to get involved nations around the world.

To reach these goals there were various procedures for different concerns, for example , industy, education, junior. Finally, the European gets his personal currency, it happened in 1999 the European was founded and in 2002 the first effet and cash were applied. In the period from 2004 till 2008 the European Union welcomed his last members, what brings the overall number of people on 28. (Geography. about. com, 12-10)


Member states At present

The Netherlands and Europe

In World War II, the Netherlands failed to play this kind of a big function, the armed service did everything they can, but it has not been enough to quit the Germans. In four days holland lost the war, especially through the bombardments on Rotterdam and later about Middelburg. And even when the Netherlands weren't that important inside the war, they were one of the six founders from the first Western Coal and Steel Community. First I will give you a great short advantages about the Netherlands.

The Netherlands

The Netherland is fairly a small country in the North-West of The european countries. It edges to Philippines in the west and Belgium in the south, in the other places it...

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