my personal dream residence

 my desire house Essay


I have a desire, you have a dream, she has ideal, he includes a dream, they have a dream, and we have a dream because everybody on this planet has their personal dreams. Yet we have one dream in keeping. We persist to achieve that 1 dream but we know we all cannot. For the reason that we know the particular selected persons can possess or individuals who tries their best to achieve their very own dreams. Were a dreamer, we wish big. We have been dreaming to get rich for a long time. Things that can symbolize somebody is rich is if they have a lot of cash in lender, credit cards, gems, luxury autos and high-class house and many other. I was given birth to in a average family, all of us afford thing that we do not need to what we desire. So if you happen to be asking me, to be wealthy is my ambition, to live in luxuries is that I desire, to have most I want is I wanted to have for years. The vital thing that I was dreaming for many years is to include a big, high-class house. I possess many options within the list of my personal dream houses, and I got put a target to just one house. Allow me to describe it to you and tell you why. I always wanted to have a villa and obviously I want that to be created on my own area. I want it to be put at the city of richness. I would like my outside walls to be made from a hard concrete and my internal walls is vice versa, a difficult and thick glass therefore it will not break easily. I wish to have CLOSED-CIRCUIT TELEVISION in every part of my home, security guards, reliability alarms, computerized and extra tall gate intended for my own basic safety. If I usually do not think about my own safety and do not use my money to buy things that can protect me personally, I i am obviously desire a personal assistant or an accountant to manage my personal money and provide some advices what am i not going to do with my cash, serious talk. But they must be someone that can be trusted, reliable and genuine. When you have a major house, it can be incomplete if you choose not have a swimming pool. It really shows that anyone with a good supervisor to your own property. For...