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Job history


Dear Sirs,

We am interested in working for a Tour Operator. I possess knowledge of how travel organizations work as a result of my specialist experience in Spain and my own degree in Tourism.

I would really prefer to have encounter in a Uk environment to find knowledge of the working style of a Tour Operator in britain and also to improve my English language.

My professional experience in a travel agency is at selling by simply telephone, detailing the itinerary of a trip, the different different types of accommodation and ultimately the price. Afterwards, I called the office from the foreign region, by email, to publication the trip and finally I confirmed that the trip is definitely booked to the customer. I have likewise worked in the flight department to prepare the flight tickets and in the documentation department performing the discount vouchers for the shoppers.

My primary goals will be learning the way the business markets its item to it is customers (by telephone and / or internet), just how many services it offers for every single product, what style of resorts they work with, what the industry target is usually, what the ideal strategy to decide a suitable price is, etc .

I actually am not looking for a particular department; however , the advertising sales office would be the the majority of interesting personally.

Thank you very much beforehand for your support.

I count on hearing from you.

Yours seriously,

A. C.

Work Experience


Dear Sirs,

I are a 24-year old Turkish graduate from Istanbul University of Biology.

I've been working for a Turkish pharmaceutical drug company to get 3 years as being a sales representative. I work mainly outside of the office straight with hostipal wards, doctors and pharmacies. All of us also have pharmaceutical training routinely. I arrange our weekly meetings and prepare demonstrations on body anatomy and drugs.

This past year, while operating, I accomplished a content graduate training course in Business administration at the College or university of Turki Faculty of Business. I must improve my own English intended for my task and to assist get advertising at work.

My spouse and i started my career in the pharmaceutical sector and I desired to learn more also to increase my personal knowledge of the marketing environment. I have already worked in biological research and product sales.

I hope I can learn a great deal from this experience.


Meters. G.

Highly regarded Sir/Madam,

I actually, My Brand, currently in my first 12 months at XYZ College wish to apply for a 6 month internship for a post in the promoting department of the reputed firm.

I i am currently seeking my experts in marketing and at each of our college we understand the significance of gaining functional knowledge that will complement the textbook classroom knowledge helping the students gain a wider perspective of the subjects.

In this course I have discovered that I are decently experienced in the skill of salesmanship, as my personal teachers and my former employer of 5 years will rightly testify. We've had a knack of getting my point across well, communicating with persons, understanding their demands and offering them with a value proposition which can be truly hard to decline. My expertise lie in my ability to comprehensively read and understand the scenario and move quickly and yet intelligently. В

Although of what use is a raw skill, unless it truly is sharpened? So to this end, I decided to sign up myself in the prestigious XYZ College to assist me appreciate more about the subject I seriously adore, to help me understand the mind of the consumer better and to find out some very soft skills that have proven to be effective over years.

And stuffed with textbook knowledge, I wish to now put into practice the skills i have learned inside the real world. I have to prove to personally that I have truly recently been benefited by this education and what better place to begin, than a business as most respected as yours?

So a great internship along, is a thing I look ahead to very keenly.

I have encapsulated by resume and job application letter as well.

Thanking You,

My Name.

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