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 manok poultry Essay


Section 1


A. Name in the Enterprise

Juan de Manok came from the general name from the Filipinos which is Juan dela ut Cruz, since the product with the business is Philippine local chicken. The logo shows that the native chicken (which may be the character) has on a " salakot” simply to give a great emphasis to be a Philippine. The chicken is surrounded by a green spherical shape; this kind of shows that there is also a continuous way to obtain native chicken breast in Binangonan, Rizal.

B. Position

Juan sobre Manok generally chose Binangonan, Rizal since there is a high require of indigenous chickens yet having a low supply of these products. Batangas and Teresa, Rizal are the significant suppliers of native birds around Rizal, however , the researcher desired Binangonan while the target site so that it will be convenient and accessible towards the consumers who would like to buy local chickens. Juan de Manok will be particularly located at Tatala, Binangonan, Rizal. It will consume a total land area of 1, 1000 sq . m. About 65% of Binangonan are hilly terrain as the rest are generally plain. It has two unique seasons: dry from The fall of to Apr and wet during the remaining year. The heaviest rains usually take place in the a few months of September, August, and September. The coolest period arises the several weeks of The fall of to Feb .. The location is composed of Calantas Clay, these soil have darkish to dark brown, dark yellowish brown, very dark grayish brown clay, clay-based loam or silty clay-based. A distance not more than 20cm thick. The municipality as being a while is still safe, livable place because inland, surroundings and environmental noise can be considered nominal. In totality, Tatala, Binangonan is the most ideal plant web page for the project regarding its formula, soil type, environmental circumstance, land work with, and most specifically, there is a huge demand for local " Darag” chickens. Ammenities availability and accessibility can be highlighted inside the area. Manila Electrical Corrporation (MERALCO) will be located in Angono, Rizal; Filipino Long Range Telephone (PLDT) will be located at SM Taytay and lastly; MAYNILAD will be located in Pasig City.

C. Project Goals

The general aim of the study is to recommend a chicken farm organization which specialize Philippine local chicken in order to see their effect and efficiency for all consumer s i9000 and its profitability to the business sectors. Especially, it should:

a. decide the stability of the recommended project when it comes to marketing strategy, technical and financial aspects; b. increase our understanding in raising a local chickens and promote this sort of business; and c. improve the production of live local chickens in Binangonan, Rizal.

D. Feasibility Criteria

The study shows that the business, Juan para Manok, is usually feasible in Binangonan, Rizal. The location has a great amount of demand for Philippine native chickens. Also, the research states the projected sales in amount of the business in 5 years, and that displays the raising income or perhaps sales in peso from the enterprise. Juan de Manok has a great impact in the socio-economic environment in the site, it contributes the following aspects: 1 . Providing the persons an opportunity to be employed especially those in the rural areas that are in need of work. installment payments on your Contribute to the income of the Korea Government throughout the payment of business taxation. 3. A sound competition with the other wholesalers with regards to quality products the business brought to the market. some. The fulfillment of outstanding demands pertaining to chickens to start up business in located areas.

At the. Highlights with the Project

Binangonan, Rizal has a increasing demand of local chicken available in the market. However , retailers of Binangonan purchased individuals chickens in Teresa, Rizal. Therefore , the researchers chosen to start a fowl business centered on native rooster for the consumer's ease in buying the chicken in the location instead of purchasing the product in Teresa, Rizal. It should take 10...

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