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Arthur C. Clarke

1951 Avon Journals Inc.

Next time you see the full moon rich in the southern, look carefully at its right-hand edge and let your eye travelling upward over the curve in the disk. Circular about two o'clock you will notice a small, darker oval: a person with normal vision can find this quite easily. It's the great walled plain, among the finest for the Moon, known as the Mare Crisium-the Sea of Crises. Three hundred miles in diameter, many completely surrounded by a ring of magnificent mountain range, it had under no circumstances been looked into until we entered it in the late summer of 1996. Our trip was a large one. There were two heavy freighters which usually had flown our materials and equipment from the main lunar bottom in the Infinit? Serenitatis, five hundred miles apart. There were likewise three little rockets that have been intended for short-range transport more than regions which usually our area vehicles could not cross. Fortunately, most of the Mare Crisiurn is extremely flat. There are non-e in the great crevasses so prevalent and so hazardous elsewhere, and incredibly few craters or mountain range of virtually any size. As far as we could tell, our powerful caterpillar tractors would have not any difficulty in choosing us exactly where we wanted to go.

I used to be geologist-or selenologist, if you want to become pedantic responsible for. the group exploring the southern region in the Mare. We had crossed a hundred miles of it in a week, skirting the foothills with the mountains along the shore of what was as soon as the ancient marine, some thousand million years before. When life was beginning that is known, it was previously dying here. The seas were retreating down the flanks of those stupendous cliff t, retreating into the empty cardiovascular of the Moon. In the land which we were crossing, the tideless ocean acquired once been half a mile deep, now the only track of dampness was the hoarfrost one could at times find in caves that this searing sun rays never penetrated.

We had commenced our trip early inside the slow lunar dawn, and still had almost a week of Earth-time just before nightfall. Six times every day we would keep our motor vehicle and get outside in the spacesuits to hunt for interesting minerals, in order to place guns for the guidance of future travellers. It was an uneventful regimen. There is practically nothing hazardous or perhaps particularly interesting about tacha exploration. We could live perfectly for a month in our pressurized tractors, of course, if we ran into difficulties we could always radio for help and sit tight until one of many spaceships arrived at our recovery. I stated just now that there was nothing at all exciting about lunar search, but of course which is not true. You can never develop tired of individuals incredible mountain range, so much more rugged than the delicate hills of Earth. We all never knew, as we round the gabardine and promontories of that disappeared sea, what new destinations would be showed us. The complete southern contour of the Mare Crisiurn can be described as vast delta where a rating of rivers once found their method into the sea, fed most likely by the torrential rains that must have lashed the mountains in the brief volcanic age when the Moon was young. These ancient valleys was an invitation, demanding us to climb into the unknown uplands beyond. Nevertheless we had one hundred miles still to cover, and could only look longingly on the heights which will others need to scale.

We all kept Earth-time aboard the tractor, and precisely for 22. 00 hours a final radio message would be sent to Foundation and we could close straight down for the day. Outdoors, the rubble would be burning under the almost top to bottom sun, but for us it had been night till we awoke again ten hours later. Then one individuals would put together breakfast, there would be a great buzzing of electric electric razors, and someone would switch on the short-wave the airwaves from The planet. Indeed, if the smell of frying sausages began to fill up the cabin, it was occasionally hard to believe that we were not back in our own world everything was so regular and homely, apart from the feeling of decreased pounds and the...

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