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International Log of Architectural Science and Innovative Technology (IJESIT) Quantity 2, Issue 4, Come july 1st 2013

Brilliant Shopping Cart

Raju Kumar1, K. Gopalakrishna2, E. Ramesha3

Abstract— An innovative product with societal acceptance is the one that aids the comfort, convenience and efficiency in everyday life. Getting and shopping at big malls is becoming daily activity in local area cities. You observe big dash at these malls in holidays and weekends. People purchase several items and put them in trolley. Following completion of buys, one needs to venture to billing table for repayments. At billing counter the cashier put together the bill applying bar code reader which is very frustrating process and results in very long queue by billing counter-top. In this paper, we talk about a product " Intelligent Buying Cart” getting developed to assist a person in every day shopping regarding reduced time spent while purchasing. The main objective of proposed method is to provide a technology oriented, low-cost, easily scalable, and durable system for assisting searching in person. The developed program consists of several key components/modules (a) Machine Communication aspect (SCC) (b) User Interface and display component (UIDC), and (c) Programmed billing component (ABC). SCC establishes and maintains the bond of the shopping cart with the main server. UIDC provides the interface and FONEM handles the billing in colaboration with the SCC. These 3 modules happen to be integrated into a great embedded program and are tested to satisfy the functionality. The modele developed is ready for business deployment with proper awareness of security and network concerns as reviewed.

Index Terms— EM-18 RFID Reader, LPC2148 Microcontroller, RFID tag A radio station Frequency Identification (RFID), ZigBee Module.


Innovation in interaction and data technologies have got caused an innovation in beliefs, knowledge and perceptions in practically all areas of human understanding, deeply carving the so-called " Age of Details and Knowledge”. Human beings have got invented/adopted technology to their requirements since their very own existence. Primary purpose of advancement in technology, irrespective of the site, has been in streamlining life on earth or making everyday‟s work easier and faster. One regular process that humans spend very long time is at shopping. Relating to a survey conducted by US Bureau of Work [10], on an normal, human beings spend 1 . four hours every day in shopping. A survey made by Visa in 2005[11], points out that an amazing 70% customers is going to walk out of the queue in the event the line is too long, and 10% will be " significantly annoyed” the moment they part of a line. Further, according to a research conducted by simply CISCO Online business Solution Group [12], the top four reasons for customers to use technology are to (i) Find best price (63%), (ii) Preserve time (47%), (iii) Discover best selection (26%) and (iv) get best quality (25%). The current circumstance on searching classifies this into two categories (1) Shopping real time and (2) Shopping in absentia. Shopping in absentia is caused in multiple ways which include, internet shopping, tele-shopping, etc . where a shopper will not have to be physically present in the shopping place. Shopping in-person typically requires a personal trip to the place of shopping and selecting the product/s based upon various guidelines including require, convenience, company, discount/offer, etc . The proposed system expects to assist purchasing in person that will minimize time spent in shopping and intended to help the store administration with real-time updates for the inventory. The emergence of new technologies, just like Radio Consistency Identification (RFID) and wireless networks, the actual shopping processes faster, transparent and efficient. Our aim is to develop an intelligent shopping cart (embedded system) which can be used in shopping malls to fix the problem stated earlier. The...

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