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TOC \o " 1-3" \h \z \u Executive summary PAGEREF _Toc402404170 \h 1Introduction PAGEREF _Toc402404171 \h 2PEST Analysis PAGEREF _Toc402404172 \h 3Political Environment: PAGEREF _Toc402404173 \h 4Economic environment: PAGEREF _Toc402404174 \h 5Social Environment: PAGEREF _Toc402404175 \h 9Technological environment: PAGEREF _Toc402404176 \h 11Business entry mode PAGEREF _Toc402404177 \h 12Exporting: PAGEREF _Toc402404178 \h 12Licensing: PAGEREF _Toc402404179 \h 13Franchising: PAGEREF _Toc402404180 \h 14Recommendation PAGEREF _Toc402404181 \h 15Conclusion PAGEREF _Toc402404182 \h 16References PAGEREF _Toc402404183 \h 17 Executive summaryThe complete report can analyze Hong Kong's politics, economic, social and technological environment (PEST) of the view that starting restaurant cycle (Subway) sector in the perspective of the foreign business. This document can facilitate the foreign business to find more information about Hong Kong INFESTATION. In this document also assess modes business entry which will appropriate for the Hong Kong industry. IntroductionTo study any business project in a country or in different assertion to study organization sector throughout the world, it has its conditions and Circumstances whatever the kinds of business are. From this paper, will have a business presentation about Cafe Chain in Hong Kong the region within the southern seacoast of Cina geographically surrounded by the Gem River Delta and South China Marine and a population of Hong Kong is over seven million persons, and with a land mass of 1, 104 km2 is among the most densely populated areas in the world. Hk is known for short as H. T, it's a Specific Administrative Area of the Peoples' Republic of China. Hong Kong still has a high autonomy and various political system from that in China landmass. Hong Kong includes a very strong and stable monetary and that is proved by Z/Yen (British organization) when positioned Hong Kong upon October 2014 as a third global financial center in the world. In international work at home opportunities, Hong Kong is incredibly good nation to invest because of their stable economic and their GNI per household. The major export commodities of Hong Kong happen to be electrical equipment, textiles, boots, watches, plastics, printed materials and treasured stones. Restaurant chain is set of related restaurants in lots of different places with the same name that are either beneath shared corporate ownership (e. g., Subway in Hong Kong). Subway is a north american fast food cafe that generally sells boat sandwiches and salads. The start was in 1965 when Sally DeLuca started his personal business. The first shop was opened up in Bridgeport, Connecticut, usa. In this doc, going to present and assess the business chance of Subway restaurant string in Hong Kong. PEST AnalysisPEST is an analysis from the external and macro environment that affect all companies including organization activities and performance. The INFESTATIONS analysis requires Political, Financial, Social and Technological factors:

Number SEQ Physique \* ARABIC 1 PEST analysis ( Political Environment: This element takes a take a look at how federal government regulations and legal issues affect an companies opportunity to become profitable and effective. Issues that must be deemed like tax guidelines, political soundness, exchange regulations, job laws and security polices. There are many factors in politics and legal environment which in turn affect worldwide business particularly for an organization who wants to open their particular business near your vicinity. Hong Kong exercises a high level of autonomy. Based on the Basic Regulation, the National People's Our elected representatives (NPC) authorizes it to exercise a top degree of autonomy and enjoy exec, legislative and independent contencioso powers, such as power of last adjudication, according to the conditions of the Standard Law. As well, the " two systems” principle was designed...

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