Ethics Code Assessment


Zane Ellis

Liberty University


When reading the code of ethics for the ACA (American Counseling Association) and the AACC (American Connection of Christian Counselors), anybody can immediately recognize several variations in how both equally associations make sense of values in their very own professions. There are very standard differences in both codes of ethics and there are vast variations in the codes. Also mentioned in this exploration are three specific matters chosen in order to compare and contrast the similarities and differences of each and every specific place. The areas discussed are: Conflict with client positions (Dual Roles), Sexual Intimacies, and Marriage to Culture. Keywords: commonalities, differences, values, codes

Section One

To start with, the most general difference in the codes happen to be that the AACC is built upon Christian principles and principles, while the ACA is built around the values of those counselors who also wrote the ethics code. There are Biblical-Ethical foundations to get the AACC while there happen to be non-e for the ACA. ACA people are " dedicated to the enhancement of human advancement throughout the your life span” (2005) while the target of the AACC members is definitely " to create honor to Jesus Christ wonderful church, promote excellence in Christian guidance, and bring unity to Christian counselors” (2004). These statements show the mission only of each of those associations is quite different from each other. One would as well find when comparing the two codes that the values code to get the AACC appears to cover a wider area than the ACA. What is meant by this is that the AACC appears to cover each and every topic in a more comprehensive manner compared to the ACA. The AACC is more comprehensive and thorough versus the ACA. As much as there are differences in involving the two rules, there are commonalities as well. Every single code of ethics was written to be able to strive for superiority in its individual...

References: American Counseling Affiliation. (2005). American Counseling Affiliation Code of Ethics.

American Affiliation of Christian Counselors. (2004). American Affiliation of Christian Counselors Code of Values.

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