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 Essay about Environmental and Ecological Problems in Sri Lankan Tamil Fiction: a report on Chosen Pieces

Environmental and Ecological Concerns in Sri Lankan Tamil Fictional works: A Study in Selected Bits - Doctor Kandiah Shriganeshan, Senior Lecturer, English Vocabulary Teaching Hub, University of Jaffna,, Sri Lanka Destruction in the environment and natural resources is the main threat that the modern day world has to face. There may be an immediate need for institutional reform inside modern society to safeguard the environmental methods and to conserve the ecological equilibrium. Environmental sociologists have different opinions as to which usually institutional attributes can be kept primarily in charge of the environmental crisis. The capitalistic or industrial character in addition to the complex, highly administrated technological system of modern society is the cause of this gloomy state of affairs. This is certainly more apparent in your pieces written by Sri Lankan Tamil copy writers available in translation. Stories appeared in Lute Song and Lament, A Lankan Variety, Tamil short stories by Sri Lanka are taken for analysis. This kind of paper attempts to highlight the writers' matter about the protection of the environment and the environmental balance of natural assets. Introduction

Society with its facilities accessed through the inventions and discoveries of science and technology faces a dangerous scenario because of environmental pollution. The ecological balance is also misplaced due to environmental pollution. The industrialization of Society introduced to the world inside the 18th 100 years and the subsequent introduction of motorized cars in the nineteenth century, as well as the arrival of computers with the new idea of Information Technology inside the 20th century have improved not only the life style of your population although increased the rate of exploding market of the population substantially. Your affairs in addition has caused a great exponential progress in the production of goods and services which in a system opened an area for a tremendous amount of waste/ e-waste since by-products. The indiscriminate discharge of untreated industrial and domestic waste products into rivers, the spewing of a large number of tons of particles and air-borne gases into the atmosphere, the " throwaway" attitude toward solid toxins, and the use of newly designed chemicals without taking into account potential effects have resulted in major environmental disasters. Substance, physical, or biological waste materials dumped into water resources causes water pollution that degrades the quality of the water and affects the creatures living in that. Humans would be the culprits to get land pollution by degrading the Globe's land area through misuse of the garden soil by poor agricultural procedures, mineral exploitation, industrial squander dumping, and indiscriminate disposal of downtown wastes. The usage of pesticides in addition has caused considerable pollution. Basically, they are organic and inorganic chemicals developed for creating better human environment by managing undesirable existence forms including bacteria, infestations, and moving insects. However, it turned out to be causing dangerous side-effects. Smog caused by the accumulation inside the atmosphere of substances endangers human health insurance and affects different living types and recycleables. Among the main sources of air pollution are electrical power and heat generation, the burning of solid waste materials, industrial operations, and, especially, emission of gases due to transportation. What is more is noise pollution, a relatively the latest origin a composite of sounds produced by individual activities which range from bomb blasts and several fire towards the roar of supersonic transport jets. There exists an urgent need for institutional reform to safeguard the environmental resources and to take care of the ecological balance. All the cultural reformers, copy writers and histrion have an obligation towards creating awareness among the list of public to safeguard the environment and many have indicated their matter for the safety of the the planet from air pollution and maintenance of ecological harmony through their...

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