Economic Analysis

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economic analysis

" Read the identity of Lord, Who created man via a clot of blood vessels. Read! God is most Many who trained by dog pen. ”(96: 1-4)

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Table of Contents

Serial Number | Particular| Page No .

| Dedication| 6

1 . | Acknowledgment| 7

2 . | Disclaimer | eight

3. | Reason for Seeking the Organization| 9

3. 1| Aims and Objectives from the Project| on the lookout for

4. | Executive Summary| 10

five. | Vision| 11

5. 1| Mission| 11

five. 2| Primary Values| 12

6. | Corporate Details | 13

7. | Automobile Sector in Pakistan | 18

7. 1| Current Circumstance of Car Industry | 19

almost 8. | History| 20

being unfaithful. | Merchandise Line| twenty-one

10. | Strategic Goals | twenty three

10. 1| Manufacturing Facilities| 24

eleven. | Car dealership of the Company | twenty-five

11. 1| Major Departments | twenty-five

12. | Awards Accomplishment | 26

13. | SWOT Analysis| 27

16. | INFESTATIONS Analysis| 30

15. | Boston Asking Group Matrix| 32

15. 1| Toyota Corolla BCG Matrix| 34

16. | Financial Evaluation of Extremes Motor Organization | 35

16. 1| Balance Sheet| 36

16. 2| Revenue & Reduction Account| 35

17. 1| Vertical Analysis of Equilibrium Sheet| 39

17. 2| Vertical Examination of Income and Loss Account| 41| 18. 1| Horizontal Examination of Balance Sheet| 42

18. 2| Horizontal Analysis of Income & Damage Account| 44| 19. | Ratio Evaluation | forty-five

Dedicated To

Each of our Dearest and most respected Parents.

Whose attempts and prayers are great source of strength to us atlanta divorce attorneys noble venture. Their like inspired us to the larger idea of life.

. May The almighty Bless Them (Aamin).

Focused on

er concept of life.

. May possibly God Bless Them (Aamin).

1 . Acknowledgement

I can not find words at my command to convey my deepest sense of gratitude to the Almighty ALLAH, one of the most Gracious, the most Merciful and the most Beneficent, who means the expertise to finish this task successful, He is the one who gave me valor to do this. I actually am very much obliged to my loving Parents whose prayers have enabled me to reach this stage. At this occasion, We can't ignore my parents pertaining to their guidance in the crucial occasions of warring. Next, I owe my own bottomless because of our esteemed resource person Mr. Syed Asad who directed myself well and was often available to clear my doubts and misunderstandings during this task. It is also an issue of huge pleasure for me to express my own gratitude to the Faculty of Preston Commence of Management Science and Technology to get giving us all their precious time and tried their best as useful as possible. I would like to thanks almost all my Friends and Classmates who actually helped me by giving suggestions and critical overview of the manuscript. Obviously this achievement had not been possible without all of you.

2 .. Disclaimer�

The purpose of the project is to introduce the subject concerns and provide an over-all idea and financial information about the Indus Motors Company Limited. Most...

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