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Stock marketplaces play an essential role in global economics and corporate fund where the economical markets make finance intended for the financial growth of the. Pakistan provides three stock exchanges, Karachi Stock Exchange (KSE), Lahore Stock market (LSE) and Islamabad Stock market (ISE), whereas, Bangladesh has two share exchanges, Dhaka Stock Exchange (DSE), Chittagong Inventory Exchange(CSE). Stock market of a nation is the loan company that works with financial tools.

It was crucial to answer the increasing number of the important questions regarding stock market functionality and economical growth, as an example, do the inventory exchanges from the countries affect on the monetary growth of a rustic, if yes in that case how? This kind of study shows certain factors that can be used to measure the stock market development and its particular effect on the country's economic growth. Besides this, it absolutely was important to analyze the effect of increasing market increased of the two Pakistan and Bangladesh issues economic progress.

Ruggiero (2001) intended which the people's notion about the rising or falling stock markets differs, that is, persons feel richer as it goes up and think poorer as it goes down. On the other hand, Levine (1996) stated which the liquid stock markets impact can be bad because of the two major reasons, that is, many investors offer their stocks and shares in the market and lack of corporate and business control around the performance of a firm.

This study examines the effect of Pakistan and Bangladesh stock exchange development on the respective GROSS DOMESTIC PRODUCT per capita by considering three in the stock market indications, that is, market capitalization, total value of stocks bought and sold, stock yield ratio and finally total number of listed businesses.

1 . a couple of Objectives

my spouse and i. To investigate the result of share markets creation on the economical growth of Pakistan. ii. To measure the effect of stock markets development within the economic growth of Bangladesh. iii. To assess the stock markets advancement and monetary growth of Pakistan and Bangladesh.

1 . several Rationale from the Study

Because of recent instability in the stock market of Bangladesh, improvement of legal construction is necessary for the proper function of the market. During the study, some basic popular features of the market will probably be compared with the stock market with the PAKISTAN, among the strongest stock market of the world. Consequently , the rationale of taking this kind of study is always to propose a few recommendations on the basis of the wall street game of the PAKISTAN.

1 . 5 Methodology

The analysis is based on a qualitative study research. Nevertheless both principal and supplementary data are used in the study, it is mainly based on supplementary data. The study prefers comparative approach, makes a comparison involving the security market related regulations in Bangladesh with the ones from PAKISTAN, and tries to present certain advice by enhancing legal framework to provide better atmosphere inside the stock market of Bangladesh.

1 . 5 Restriction of the Research

The present examine tries to treat the obstructions that hinder the growth of stock market in Bangladesh and discuss about the ways of improvement along with look up the legal components of stock exchange of Bangladesh and the PAKISTAN. Finally, that tries to increase the legal construction of the stock market of Bangladesh within the circumstance of the present market structure and the restrictions the PAKISTAN.

To do the study it was noticed that, the ebooks and journals relating to regulating framework of stock market of Bangladesh happen to be rare and they are not conveniently assessable. Additionally, the data found in these resources are not correctly updated even though stock market related regulations happen to be changing nearly all day.

Managing the stock market is a challenging process. There are many of polices for the governing of the stock markets of Bangladesh. Due to constraint of time, this kind of...

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