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 BPS1101 subject 1 Article

Life Expectancy

Drastic improvements over the last 100 years.

Average 30-35 years through the last 6000 years.

82 years of age in Canada (2009)

most major improvements have taken place in the past 150 years Canadians are in a special time in History, high life expectancy.

Causes of death


Life span – around. 44yo

Pneumonia, Tuberculosis, Influenza

Tendencies last till the 1950's


Life expectancy – approx. 82yo

Heart, Malignancy, Stroke, Reduced Resp. Infections, Road mishaps, Diabetes.

Quality of life

Quality of life diminishes together with the occurrence of disease.

Improved wellness is due to; better sanitation, clean water, refrigeration, vaccinations & antibiotics. Superior sanitation; Better waste management (adequate sewer system), fewer interactions with the dead – lower contamination risks, Fewer water transmitted pathologies – Guinea Viruses. Clean Normal water; Chlorination and main drinking water supplies prevent many foreign bacteria by reaching the human being. Refrigeration; Better way of conserving foods, Ice-Box is no longer used after the invention of the refrigerator. Pharmaceuticals; Vaccines and Immunization have proven to be effective for virus-like diseases – i. e. Small-pox (eliminated in 1977) and Polio (fewer than 1000 circumstances in 10/11 countries) Antibiotics; Administered for bacterial infections, i actually. e. Penicillin (reduced the incidence level of mother's deaths drastically)

The North-American Drug Market

Prescription drugs; 300 billion $

OTC prescription drugs; 25 billion dollars $

ALL OF US – forty-nine. 1% ^ (Can – 3. 8%)

Medical therapy

Surgical treatment; Removing (trad. ) or modification of the affected body component. Medicinal treatment; use of chemical compounds to treat disease.

Crops used being a source of medicine, humans work with poisons produced by these types of plants which they use to guard themselves (due to sedentarity) Drugs – Produce effective effect, toxic produce harmful biological impact Dose makes the poison, helpful dosage or harmful medication dosage

We assume – low dose = beneficial, substantial dose = harmful.. but not always the case. (ex. Drinking water intox. ) Drugs were discovered simply by observations and experiment (people observed the effect) through philosophy (belief, superstition, magic religion) (only as good as the knowledge its primarily based on) By simply observation: strong poison sama dengan easily recognized, low dose makes this a drug, weakened poison = large quantity essential for effect. Goes back a long time; former mate. Papyrus Ebers, Hippocrates (promoted observation rejected superstition etc . ) Ex. Opium for pain

Dangerous in large doses, medication in low

Ex. Crack for soreness and stimulant

Quinine for wechselfieber?

The challenge with observations is that the mind is constantly looking for patterns (Apophenia –patterns exactly where they avoid exist) (Pareidolia – understanding of noises and images since something else), anecdotal proof is highly untrustworthy (coincidental, placebo, lies), " evidence” is not easy to contradict when found (parent frosty remedies – crap) Only experimental proof is reliable; such as record evidence via large trials. Herbal remedies; poor control over dosage, the plant generates variable quantity of active ingredients = insufficient consistency, versions in prepare. And operations, with no training = imprecise Philosophy; treatment arrived by simply reasoning, healing connected with magic and superstition. Ex Regle of Connaissance, earth sama dengan 4, man = four

E (earth, air, fireplace, water) L (blood, phlegm, yellow haine, black bile) illness = humours away of harmony. Healing = balance to humours Treatments; ex. Bloodletting (drain blood), purges, clysters Based on made-up incorrect concepts

Treatments had been often agonizing.

The earth isn't only made of four, humans either.

Former mate. Doctrine of Signatures

Walnut looks like human brain, use to get brain

Clues inform us how to use products.

Former mate. Shark the cartilage, Boneset arises, Chlorophyll, Mandrake, Rhino sides, Mercury to get purge (highly toxic) Doctrine of validations – real crap, remedies are harmful, no rationality...

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