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The Difficulty of Accurate Communication

Through " A great Day for Bananafish, ” characters fight to communicate with one other, and each look at is fraught with difficulty. Muriel and her mom engage in a haphazard dialogue in which Muriel never really hears her mother's worries and Muriel's mother never really hears Muriel's signals that she actually is fine. Both the women talk at instead of with each other, and neither girl succeeds in truly communicating her thoughts to the various other. When Muriel attempts to talk with the psychiatrist at the vacation resort, their connection is impeded by the noise around them. Seymour is entirely unable to speak with other people in the resort, preferring to take a seat alone playing the piano or spend some time at the beach rather than try to enter a society in which this individual feels like a great outsider. Sybil's mother fails to communicate with Sybil clearly, thinking that Sybil says " see more glass” when ever she is actually talking about Seymour Glass. Simply Sybil and Seymour appear able to connect effectively, even though their talk is over a child's, rather than an adult's, level.

Though Muriel and Seymour do not talk to each other inside the story, all their communication is indeed fraught about be nonexistent. Muriel does not have any idea what is really occurring in Seymour's mind, and Seymour seemingly has no wish to explain to her how this individual feels. One of the most tragic deficiency of communication is definitely Muriel's incorrect certainty that Seymour's mental health is decent. Seymour's chaotic suicide can be, perhaps, one truly good act of adult interaction in the history, the one gesture that may not be misread or ignored.

The Futile Search for Innocence

Seymour hovers uncomfortably between the associated with adult sexuality and associated with childhood chasteness. Scarred from his experience in the battle and struggling with psychological distress, Seymour discovers refuge in children. Faithful and simple, that they exist within a world that is free from adult suffering and greed....

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