Assessment Task: Carbon dioxide Chemistry and Functional Groups

Assessment Task:  Carbon Chemistry & Functional Organizations

1 ) Why does the carbon atom make a lot of covalent ingredients? Carbon atoms have four single valence electrons, which in turn mean they will bond to 4 other atoms. It bonds within a tetrahedral shape, or help to make straight, twisted or ring shaped substances when lots of people are bonded collectively. The intricacy allows this to connect to many various other atoms. (1)

2 . How is definitely the structure of ethanol (key ingredient in vodka) diverse from the framework of acetic acid (vinegar) in terms of functional organizations? Firstly, the structure of ethanol contains 6 hydrogen atoms, two carbon atoms and an oxygen atom. What is different from ethanol is that acetic acid provides 2 fresh air atoms attached to it rather than one and 5 hydrogen atoms in acetic acid during your stay on island are 6 hydrogen atoms on the ethanol. On the ethanol, the air and a hydrogen atom bond jointly to form a hydroxyl group at the end of the sequence while there is a carboxyl group attatched towards the main cycle of the lactic acid. The aldahyde functional group contains a double connect oxygen atom and a hydroxy group bonded to the conclusion carbon. (1)

3. Bring diagrams of ethanol and acetic acid - clearly showing the distributed pairs of electrons (covalent bonds).

4. Pull a structural diagram of glycine.


five. Name the students of substances that glycine belongs to and what do all the compounds with this class have in common? Glycine is in the class of macromolecules. Ths class comes with many repeated functional teams. (1)

6. Draw a natural compound which has two distinct functional organizations. Lable these types of groups. Hydroxyl group using one end carboxyl group one the other side of the coin.


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