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Omnibus Sworn Statement




I, Marites L. Mones, forty-four years old, Married, Filipino, and residing for Poblacion Tantangan South Cotabato, after he was duly swom in accordance with rules, does hereby depose and state that;

1 . I are the sole manager of LAFORTEZA PHARMACY with office address at OsmeГ±a Street Koronadal City;

2 . Because the owner and sole operator of LAFORTEZA PHARMACY, I use full electricity and authority to do, perform and conduct any and acts important to represent that in the bidding of Drugs and Medicines.

3. LAFORTEZA PHARMACY is definitely not " blacklisted” or barred by bidding by the Government with the Philippines or any of the agencies, office buildings, corporations, or local Government Models, foreign government/foreign or intercontinental financing company whose blacklisting rules have been recognized by the Government Procurement Coverage Board;

4. Each one of the document submitted in satisfaction of the putting in a bid requirements is an authentic copy of the initial, complete, and everything statements and information provided therein are true, and address;

5. LAFORTEZA PHARMACY is definitely authorizing the top of the Getting Entity or perhaps its properly authorized agent to validate all the documents submitted;

6. My spouse and i am not really related to your head of the Procuring Entity, people of the Prices for bids and Prizes Committee (BAC), the Technical Working group, and the BAQUET Secretariat, the top of the Task Management office or the end-user unit, plus the project consultants by consanguinity or affinity up to the third civil level;

7. LAFORTEZA PHARMACY complies with existing labor laws and criteria; and

8. LAFORTEZA PHARMACY is aware of and provides undertaken the fallowing obligations as a Bidder:

a) Carefully examine all of the Bidding Paperwork;

b) Acknowledge all circumstances, local or else, affecting the implementation in the Contract; c) Made an estimate of the services...

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