2015 IHRTP Application Form

2015 International Human being Rights Training curriculum (IHRTP)

License request form

June six – 06 26, 2015

Montreal, Canada

Application deadline for Foreign Applicants: Nov 17, 2014 Application deadline for Canadian residents/citizens: 03 27, 2015

Your Application must include all of the documents here: □1. The completed Form (Part A completed by Director in the Candidate's business; Part M completed by Candidate) □2. The Nota of Agreement duly fixed by the Prospect and the Representative of the Candidate's organization □3. Two supporting letters via national and/or international individual rights agencies (other compared to the Candidate's) acquainted with the Candidate's work and the work of his or her firm □4. A brochure (and/or mission statement) describing the Candidate's organization

All documents should be sent simply by email; the signed Nota of Contract and the supporting letters can be scanned and sent by email, or perhaps sent simply by fax or perhaps by email. The Candidate's name, country and the identity of the organization must display on all paperwork. Please conserve the Application Form the following way ahead of emailing it in return to us: country_last brand of candidate. doc (for example: canada_bradley. doc) Mail all the required files as soon as possible to be able to facilitate the processing of your application.

Intended for International People: The deadline for submitting applications can be November 17, 2014. For Canadian residents/citizens: The deadline for submitting applications can be March 27, 2015. Email: [email protected] org, Fax: 1-514-954-0659

Equitas – International Centre for Man Rights Education 666 Sherbrooke St . West, Suite 1100

Montréal, Québec

H3A 1E7


Telephone: 1-514-954-0382


Please be certain to complete every sections of the license application form and to answer each problem fully. Incomplete applications will never be processed. Simply applicants who also submit the 2015 IHRTP Application Form will probably be considered.


Last (family) identity (as it seems on your passport):


First identity (as seems like on your passport):



Guy Female Function email (of the Candidate):      

Personal email (of the Candidate):      

Cell phone:      

Cell /Mobile mobile phone:      


House address:      

Note: It is crucial to provide lively email addresses, since it is the main approach to communication COMPONENT A: ACCOUNT OF CANDIDATE'S ORGANIZATION (to be finished by the Overseer of the organization) 1 . Identity of firm:      

installment payments on your Name of Director:      

3. Sending address with the organization:





P. O. Package:




Postal Code:      


4. Phone:      

five. Fax:      

6. Email (of the organization):      

7. Email (of the Director):      

8. Website:      

being unfaithful. Year by which organization began:       15. Number of staff:       Full time       In your free time 11. Quantity of volunteers:      

12. You should indicate the kind of organization you work for:

Local NGO or Community-Based Organization (CBO)

National NGO

International NGO

National Institution (e. g., Human being Rights Commission,


Academic or Analysis Institution


Other, make sure you specify      


13. Please list your company three (3) main aspects of activity (in order of priority) and identify the thematic focus of each one (e. g. HRE in schools, monitoring of minority rights, advocacy for could rights)

1 .      

2 .      



14. Make sure you describe three (3) Human Rights Education activities undertaken by your firm. Activity one particular


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