10 03 Mathematics and the Real World 1 job revised

Name: Desiray Higuera Errar

Date: 5/12/15

Unit 11: Concentrate on Math - 11. goal Math and the Real World 1 (10 points) Commence a one-day record, where you record every math process you used in the daytime (no subject how small or trivial). You may want to record your activities in a notebook computer that you carry about with you throughout the day. Use complete sentences to answer the following questions.

1 . Take note of all of the different ways you utilized math in daytime you stored the record. (You must use a day time where you had to use math) You may even include ways in which you often use mathematics but didn't happen to make use of on this day time. Had to determine my workout

Do Algebra/Math problems

Measured, measurements to get the Grain

Counted just how many ovum I had for making for Breakfast

Measured how many wanted ovum

Looked at the clock

Had to resolve the clock because the power went out

2 . Explain how much you used math during that day? Was it more or less than you thought?

I actually used quite a lot of math today, it was truly way, much more than I thought, As I thought it absolutely was just for groundwork.

3. Now categorize the math that you utilized during the day you kept the journal. Write the different ways that you just used mathematics next to each of the subsequent categories of mathematics. Include many different ways you listed in Problem #1.

a. Basic statistical calculations (Arithmetic)- Calculating My personal exercise b. Figuring out missing information (Algebra)- Homework

c. Geometry –

d. Statistics/Probability –

at the. Other –

four. In which ways did you consciously and purposely use math?

When I grilled, since I had developed to gauge the everything I put on the chicken.

5. Which in turn ways were " unconscious” math (decisions or measurements made automatically without recognizing you had been doing math)? When I was fixing time on the range and Microwave, since the electric power went out.

six. In which of the entries would you count on technology (calculator, etc)?

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