What Is Expository Essay?

Expository essay is a document explaining the reasons for any action, event, fact, or explaining the content of certain provisions of something with further arguments on the issue.

There may be many objectives in the essay, but the main organization stays unchanged. Your task might be to write to justify an opinion or provide an explanation of the stages one must follow to succeed in something. In any case, your composition will have the same main format.

If you follow a few simple steps, it’ll be easy for you to compose a paper. You just need to insert ideas, which are the most important part of the work.

The following simple steps will help you get through the process of writing:

  • Select a topic
  • Create a diagram of your ideas
  • Formulate a thesis
  • Write the body
  • Indicate the main points
  • Include the subparagraphs
  • Explain the subparagraphs in more detail
  • Prepare a preamble
  • Prepare a conclusion
  • Add the finishing touches

Working on the Topic

  • If the topic is specified by your professor. Think about what kind of work you’re expected to present. It can be either a general overview or in-depth analysis of some issue.
  • If the choice of the topic is not limited. If the topic is not set by your teacher, then the whole world is before you. Sometimes, it seems that this only complicates the task. But in fact, this means that you are free to choose the topic you like and make your expository essay more meaningful and thorough.

Analyze Everything

First, define the objective. Is there a need to persuade someone in something you believe in people? Do you need to give an explanation how something works? Do you need to tell about some person or place? Whichever topic you select, the objective should be followed.

Then, sketch as many possible themes you like as possible. After you have decided on the objective, write down several interesting topics on the sheet of paper. Depending on what objective you have selected, a countless number of themes will be proper to it.

If you’ve difficulties coming up with the topics, look around you and think what is of interest to you. Think about your life. What do you do most of your day? Even the answer to this question can be a good topic. At this point, there’s no need for you to evaluate and choose anything, just list everything that comes to your mind.

Once you have several potential topics, evaluate each of them. Think about how you feel about the chosen topic. If you need to talk about something (share your knowledge), make sure that this is something that you are sufficiently informed about yourself. If you need to convince the audience, ensure that you are at least moderately passionate about the topic. Of course, the crucial factor in selecting a topic is the number of ideas that you have in its relation.

Even if none of the topics you listed do not seem particularly appealing to you, try picking the one and work on it. It can turn out to be successful.

Before you start writing, one more time look at the topic you’ve chosen. Once you make your mind that this is the one you want to talk about, you can move on.

Systemizing Your Ideas

The purpose of developing a structure or diagram is to list ideas related to the picked topic on the sheet of paper in a relatively organized format.

The structure you’re creating can still change, so do not overly tire yourself out.

Determine whether you prefer a rigid and strict structure or a smoot and flowing one. If you choose one or the other and decide that it does not suit you, you can always go to another structure.

Possible ways of systemizing your ideas include:

  • Plan
  • Diagram
  • Chart
  • List

After you finish this process, you will have a basic plan for your essay, and you can go to the next stage.

Formulating a Thesis Is Half of the Process

Now, after you’ve decided, at least on a basic level, what information you plan to include in your expository essay, you’re ready to create a thesis.

It tells the audience the plot of your work and what you think about it. Look at your plan or chart and decide what you will emphasize. What do the main ideas and supporting information say about your topic? Your thesis will consist of two parts.

The first part announces the topic:

  • The Culture of Kenya
  • Construction of train models
  • Public transport

The second part announces the accent:

  • Kenya... has a rich and diverse history
  • Construction... takes time and patience
  • Public transport... can solve one of the most urgent problems of our city

After you create a thesis that fits the defined model, and the one you like, you can proceed to the next step.

Main paragraphs

In the body of your work, all preparation gets to a climax. The topic that you’ve chosen needs to be

explained, described, and supported with arguments.

Each basic idea that you reflected in your diagram or plan will become one of the main paragraphs. If you had three or four ideas, then there will be three or four paragraphs.

Each body paragraph will have the same basic structure:

  • Start by writing one of the basic ideas in the form of a sentence. If your main idea is reducing congestion on the roads, then you can express it as follows “Public transport can reduce traffic congestion.”
  • Then write down all your confirming points for this idea, but leave four or five lines between each paragraph.
  • In the space between each paragraph, write some reflections on this point. Reflections can be a further description or an explanation or discussion.

A confirming paragraph: those who often have to travel far distances appreciate the savings that public transport gives in comparison with driving a car.

Consideration: Rarer journeys on personal vehicles means lower maintenance costs of a car. And of course, if you rarely drive your car, you’re saving a lot on gasoline. In many cases, this saving is more than the cost of travel on a public transport.

If you want, for each paragraph you can include a summary sentence. Since this usually is not required and such sentences often sound unnatural, use them with caution.

After you have increased the contents of each paragraph with more information, go to the next stage.

Preamble and Resume

After all these steps, your expository essay lacks preamble and resume.

Preamble should be formulated in such a way as to draw the audience’s attention and inform them about the main position of the composition.

Start with something that immediately attracts attention.

You can decide for yourself what will immediately attract the attention, but here are some recommendations:

  • Surprising facts. This information should be reliable and verifiable, but not necessarily be absolutely new for your audience. It can just be a fact that clearly illustrates what you want to convey. If you use surprising facts, place a sentence or two for more detail.
  • A case. It is a story that confirms the basic idea. It should be brief and related to your theme. It can be a very strong preamble to your composition, but apply it with caution.
  • Dialogue. A relevant dialogue doesn’t have to identify the speakers, but the reader must understand what you are trying to say. Use only two or three phrases to convey the basic idea. After the dialogue, insert one or two explanatory sentences.
  • studybay br
  • Summarizing data. A few suggestions clarifying your theme in general terms can smoothly lead your audience to the thesis. Every proposal should gradually become clearer until you get to the thesis.

Resume creates a sense of completeness. It sums up thoughts or gives a final look at your theme.

All that is needed for the resume is 3 or 4 strong proposals, and it is not necessary that they correspond to any given formula. Just give an overview of the main thoughts (try to alter the wording a little and not copy them from the text) or shortly specify your feelings about the theme. Even a story can be useful for completing your paper.

Bringing the Work to Perfection

Now all the paragraphs are ready. Before the essay can be considered a complete product, you need to think about formatting your work. Check the sequence of paragraphs. Read the them. Which one is the strongest? Perhaps it would be a good idea to start with the strongest paragraph. Finish the text with the second strongest and insert the weakest paragraph in the middle. Whatever sequence you select, make sure it is logical. If you’re describing a process, most likely you’ll have to follow the steps the process consists of.

Check the instructions for the task. When you are preparing the final version, follow all the instructions that you’ve received.

  • Are the boundaries of the text obeyed?
  • Did you give the title as directed?
  • What other information should be included?
  • Is there a double space between the lines?

Nothing can replace the verification of your work. Studying what you have created, you can strengthen the weak spots, which otherwise would have been missed. Reread your composition again and again.

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